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Oct 10

Random things you may not know about me

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1. I was one of first career fire paramedics to attend medical school.

2. I went around the world … twice.

3. I trekked and climbed in the Himalaya.

4. I taught cooking Mexican food to a restaurant in Kathmandu.

5. I started the first clinical academic Bachelor’s Degree program for paramedics.

6. I knew Tom Wheeldon who lived in Forge Cottage, UK.

7. I fell down a mountain very fast.

8. I had pulmonary edema at high altitude.

9. I sailed on a felucca down the Nile River, developed dysentery, hospitalized in Amsterdam with reactive arthritis from the dysentery, and started medical school in a wheel chair weighing 125 pounds (I am 6 ft. tall).

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