A blog to help people create High Reliability

by Daved van Stralen

Generally, I had 10 minutes to teach something to someone who does not want to be there or learn yet they will need it 10 minutes later to save a life. My students were not interested, as they did not think they would ever need this information or they believed they already knew it. Jim Holbrook, my education guru, advised me to use the Affective Domain of knowledge, one of Bloom’s Domains of Knowledge. He advised me to teach how this information will help, focus on how one can immediately use it.

I began to focus on information that explains something in their life or what they can immediately use. At first this was not very much information but soon people began to tell me how they used what I had taught, contacting me the same day, the next day, weeks or months later, or even 20-25 years later. I added this material to my lectures. Over time, I populated my lectures with this information and stories of how people used what I taught.

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