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HRO is a way of thinking and a set of attitudes. When we live in a High Reliability manner it does not matter where we are, whether at play, pursuing a hobby, or working. I have noticed that people who teach and profess HRO do not necessarily follow the principles outside of their specific job at work. Watching more closely, I wonder if they are truly performing in a high reliability manner on their job.

This is a section for followers of this blog to share personal (primary or first-person) experiences using HRO principles, as described on this blog. There is a section for using HRO principles in your job and in your life outside of work. It can include experiences where these principles caused you some misfortune, as other people do not always accept these principles. In fact, other people may consider these principles risky.

These stories leave us vulnerable to those watching from outside the events. Therefore, in this section there are no comments allowed in response to posts.


  • Names can be complete name, first name, or anonymous but I need a name. You must supply this information to me even if you use anonymity to post your experience.
  • State, province, and/or country required
    Profession optional but useful to others
    Please state the HRO principle(s) used

Must have:

  • Limit your work to 600 words
  • Keep true to your experience with facts, your perceptions, what you did, and what resulted
  • Only one experience or a set of the same experiences
  • Must be useful in some way to others

Cannot have:

  • Hurtful comments
  • Criticism of others
  • Vague or ambiguous statements
  • References to theories, books, or research articles
  • Philosophical interpretations of your experience
  • References to other posts in this section

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